Private Client Partners


What sets the family office concept apart is the wide array of services that it brings together under one roof. We aim to deliver a high standard of quality by combining comprehensive solutions and increased efficiency through reduced frictional losses. In some cases, our clients decide to entrust us with specific remits, and in others they ask us to advise them on and look after their affairs as a whole.

Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team – with its extensive industry knowledge – helps form reliable and personal working relationships. A focus on protecting your interests and your wealth over the long term lies at the core of everything we do. We build trust through our transparency and total discretion.

We interact with our clients as personal and independent sparring partners, which puts us in a position to provide the best possible solutions for them. In addition, we have a broad network of specialists whose knowledge our clients can tap into at all times.

Management: Michel Meyer, Philipp Kuchen, Esbjörn Gullhamn

Staff: Manuel Dudli, Christophe Foro, Iris Hofmann, Andrei Lenkei, Biola Mona, Daryoosh Montazami Safari, Michael Schweizer, Josef Staub