Private clients

Family office services

Why family office service?

Private Client Partners offers you the full spectrum of family office services, ensuring that complex family portfolios are managed comprehensively and holistically. We act as the central point of contact for any and all of your issues.

Time and space

To invest and manage wealth successfully over the short, medium and long term requires years of experience and fundamental knowledge, plus one other key element: Time! By working together with Private Client Partners, you can free up time and space to focus on other areas to enjoy or in which you can add value.

Holistic approach

Only by taking a holistic view, incorporating all sources of wealth (both listed and unlisted assets), can we build an effective wealth management plan tailored to your needs.


Together with you, we devise an individual strategy to meet your expectations and requirements as well as your risk appetite and -tolerance. Your personal preferences are accommodated in all the suggestions we make and plans we implement. All these elements feed into your own personal portfolio that fits your individual needs. During the investment process we track and take steps to ensure your strategy is delivered.

We integrate your existing wealth managers and third-party banks and negotiate preferential terms and conditions. Private Client Partners monitors and checks to ensure compliance with the terms of the pre-agreed mandates. In addition, we pay considerable attention to the overall quality of custodians to protect your interests.


Private Client Partners provides support with any administrative matters. Examples may include handling your individual payment transactions, cost of living expenses, coordination and compilation of tax documents or any other matters. We are happy to store these documents centrally, either physically or electronically.